DLP Lamps

We offer a full assortment of DLP Replacement Lamps and LCD Lamps. We can provide you with a bulb for almost any make and model, and give you rear projection TV help. We make DLP lamp replacement an affordable breeze. During the course of ownership everyone is going to have rear projection problems. With our help you can replace the expired unit and experience picture and quality like a new TV. And best of all, replacement is simple and takes only minutes.

Brand Names

  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Hitachi
  • JVC
  • Samsung
  • RCA
  • Sharp
  • Zenith
  • Akai
  • Mitsubishi
  • Philips

Benefits and Quality

We will have your rear projection TV looking like new again. We offer the highest quality, easiest solution when it comes to DLP lamp or LCD lamp replacement. New units can be the difference between a black screen and a crystal clear picture. DLP Lamp Life: Your television may start to experience difficulties or bulb failure after only a year or two of purchase. So if your DLP lamp or LCD lamp life has expired, you have come to the right place. We guarantee our product for six months. You can always call us if you need help with DLP Troubleshooting.

The benefits of using AGC Electronics Plus as your go to source for television repair is that you are presented with a large selection of DLP bulbs, competitive pricing, and experts in TV repair techs.